• The base and seat frames retain the 18” width of the Raz-AT so that the chair can still be positioned over a toilet

  • The base frame has been shorted by 3”, which makes the chair more maneuverable

  • The seat frame depth has been reduced and a depth-adjustable back offers depths from 12” to 15” (to front of frame) or up to 17” with the front of the seat overhanging the seat frame.

  • The standard seat has an elongated aperture that works with seat depths from 12” to 15″

  • The depth-adjustable back provides growth capability, an essential component for pediatrics.

  • Back frames can be ordered in widths 14”, 16” and 18”

  • Available back heights are 15” and 18”
  • Custom seats are available

Raz-CAT Compact Attendant Tilt Mobile Shower Commode Chair



  • Seat frame tilts for extra pressure reduction and comfort

  • Locking pneumatic springs provide infinite adjustment up to 25°

  • Pressurized springs also help lift seat frame to an upright position

  • Conveniently located tilt triggers provide smooth tilt control

CAT (Compact Attendant Tilt) SEAT

  • Designed specifically for the Raz-CAT

  • Tapered oblong aperture (standard is 3.5”W at front and 4.5”W at rear)

  • Seat depth range: 11″-16″D


  • Provides 2” of fore/aft adjustment so the seat can be aligned with the pelvis

  • Allows centering of the aperture (opening) around the users’ ITs

  • Seat locks in place for transfers

  • Removes easily for cleaning

  • Optional spacers for anterior or posterior seat angle adjustment


  • Molded, flexible vinyl upholstery – suitable for infection control environments

  • Provides flip-up angle adjustable armrests

  • 18″ Back Height


  • Removable for transfers and cleaning

  • Swing in and out easily

  • Flip-up footplate

  • Available in regular length 16″- 20.5” and extended length 18″- 22.5”


  • Helps attendant initiate tilt for heavier users or users with a forward weight distribution

  • Enables attendant to use additional strength from legs to tilt larger/heavier users

  • Solid stainless steel construction fits directly into chair frame

  • Anti-slip tread on pedal


  • Provides 3″ of vertical seat adjustment

  • Provide 4” of seat height adjustment without frame / toilet bowl interference


  • Headrest size is approximately 10” W x 4” H

  • Integral skin foam headrest is easy to clean

  • Headrest is shaped to cradle the head and can be adjusted to fit looser or tighter

  • Headrest support can be adjusted infinitely forward and backwards within a 5½” range, and vertically within a 11½” range

  • Headrest angle can be adjusted for comfort

  • Headrest – small and mounting fixture are included with Raz-AT (Z300) and Raz-AT600 (Z360) chairs and optional on all other Raz models


  • Injection-molded pan is designed for function

  • Includes a lid for splash and odor control

  • Wide handle angled at 45 degrees provides better ergonomics

  • Sloped front of pan moves contents toward the handle to reduce offset load, thereby making it easier to carry

  • Receiver brackets under seat are visible from the rear of the chair, making it easier to slide the pan into place

  • Fits in a standard autoclave and Arjo Tornado Washer

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