Active 6 O2 Cushion - 14" X 14"
Active 6 O2 Cushion - 14" X 14" Active 6 O2 Cushion - 14" X 14" Active 6 O2 Cushion - 14" X 14" Active 6 O2 Cushion - 14" X 14" Active 6 O2 Cushion - 14" X 14"
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Model: AOCT63535
ADP Code: SE0001102
Size: 2" Thickness
Dimensions: 14" X 14"

Excellent lateral and frontal stability.


Perfect fit for the user who transfers frequently and/or the active user.


Superior ischial offloading and protection.


The Vicair Active offers the unique combination of ergonomically shaped foam and Vicair SmartCells. The three rear SmartCell compartments provide a high level of comfort and skin protection, and offload the seat bones and tailbone area. The foam front compartment makes transfers easy. It also gives a great sense of stability and better wheelchair handling. The cushion is made of watertight (yet comfortably breathable) textile, that is washable
at 60°C. The Vicair Active has an easy accessible storage pouch for precious belongings (keys, phone, wallet). In short: everything you need to maintain your active lifestyle!

Vicair Technology enables comfortable, stable, unique seating solutions for individuals with simple to complex pressure and positioning needs. Vicair products offer superior performance with little to no maintenance for the user or caregiver.Vicair mattresses and cushions are filled with triangular, air-filled SmartCells™. The low friction surface of the cells allows them to move easily against each other and to conform precisely to the body's contours.

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